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those sane enough to emmit to themselfs that they are self-mutalators

Yo! I thought about suicide for many days up to my cutting, the reason I did it was because I thought that my friends hated me. They gave me dirty looks, made fun of me, and acted like I was noone and that they could just walk over me just like that.Well, to tell the truth they could. I wasn't a girl to stand up to people, even more so I was afraid it would just make it one day all the pain finally reached the top and at night around nine O'clock I took a razor and cut myself. the next day at school I showed my friends and one that I didn't show wrote a letter to me  telling me to stop cutting. That got tooken away. In second hour I got called down to the office they found out. In the long run i was glad that ummmmmm I'll call her shuichi, I'n the long run I was glad that shuichi wrote that letter and I thanked her for it. Since then me and my friends are still friends, even though they did that shit to me I still forgive them. I have thought about suicide but yuki and schuichi are always there to write something on my hand and say "think bunnies now' bitch!!!"Theyare always there to help me now and I love them.



~hiro nakano/tori aldridge

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