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The Unsupressing Loneiless Driven Inside~

I would of loved it if I were anywhere but there with them.I felt ignored and I felt alone.It must of been the 10th time because I questioned myself AGAIN why did I even come.To her house that is.I went over Amanda's today.And it was so boring,i was bored out of my fuckin mind.But i felt lonely too,and at the moment suicide just flowed into mind.If I had a razor blade in my pocket,I probably wouldn't have tooken it out.But I would of thought about death at least.Wow,i would of thought of everything that came into mind.Cutting your throat,slashing your wrists,drowning,get hit by a car.

Almost anything just to get me away from everything.I've been sickly lately and because of that.I've been kinda out of it lately.I hardly eat,I don't do anything,.And I'm not as hyper and happy as I use to be.And I don't do as much.I've been laying down and just sighing and thinking of nothing really.Just depressed.I have a feeling this loneiness could lend to suicide or razors.I should probably try to contract that number that consuler gave me.Incase I wanted to talk to someone

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